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Jalapeño Jams

Who would have thought that you could marry the sweet delectable flavors of fruit with the zippy bite of the Jalapeño pepper for a combination that is so tasty it will make you do a “Happy dance”. Our homemade jalapeño jams are at the top of the bestsellers’ list.  We offer unique flavors such as the Cherry Chipotle, along with Blackberry Citrus Jalapeño. The Raspberry Jalapeño though is the most popular of any jam we sell. Our homegrown recipes are the result of layering multiple flavors and textures together to achieve these wonderful jam blends. We urge you to be creative and experiment with each of these. Paring them with grilled meats is an amazing way to use these. Be sure to check out the recipes for more ideas.


Blackberry Citrus Jalapeño Jam

This Jam is going to give our Raspberry Jalapeño Jam a run for its' money. We start with big juicy Blackberries, some fresh lemon zest, and most importantly some plump jalapeños. It's such a deep berry flavor that you won't believe it is a jalapeño jam. Try glazing a Pork Tenderloin with this or using it as a dipping sauce for veggies or crackers.



Cherry Chipotle Jam

It sounds unusual, but tastes so good! A unique pairing of the smokey chipotle pepper and the tart Cherry. This jam has just enough nip to it that your taste buds will tingle. Use as an appetizer with cheeses, on grilled meats, or let your imagination run and be creative.




Raspberry Jalapeño Jam

For those of you who like to be daring, this little number is just for you. Sweet raspberries, zesty jalapeños, and just a hint of sweet bell peppers. Wonderful on cream cheese with crackers, beef sandwiches, or glazed chicken wings. Thin with a little balsamic vinegar and oil to make an outstanding vinaigrette for salads.



Strawberry Jalapeño Jam

Our strawberry jalapeño is a bit hotter than the raspberry but just as delicious. Sweet strawberries with nippy jalapeños and just a little bit of cayenne. It's a great spread to put over Brie or cream cheese. Try it as a dipping sauce for sausage, meatballs or whatever you can dream up.


Kiwi Mango Habañero Jam  

A great alternative to add that tropical twist to your appetizers. The island flavors of mangoes and kiwi united with fresh lime zest and sealed with a kiss of Habañero peppers. Your creations are only limited by your imagination. Pair this with the traditional cream cheese and crackers, or try it as a sauce for coconut shrimp, and chicken strips. Slather this onto a pork roast the last 10 minutes of roasting for a delightful change in your meal. Better yet, try this with any of our beer breads for a jam good snack.


Peach Habañero Jam

Our Peach Habañero has a wonderfully complex flavor. The peaches sweet delicate essence compliments the fiery heat of the Habañero to delight your taste buds. Try this tasty spread on the traditional cream cheese and crackers, or use as an alternative to barbecue sauce for chicken or pork on the grill.


Cranberry Lime Habañero Jam

The Vibrant cranberry flavor in this hot jam is accentuated by the wonderful undertones of fresh lime. Just as your mouth has this lovely flavor experience with the cranberries and lime the Habañero comes through to tantalize your taste buds.  Serve this with Brie cheese and crackers, or as a filling in puff pastry and cream cheese.


Habanero Gold

Sweet and Fiery awesomeness in a jam. Fresh Habaneros mixed with sweet peppers and apricots for added depth and flavor. Warm jam through and drizzle over chicken wings, or spread it on bread with thick slices of Gouda cheese. Toast till golden crispy for an outstanding grilled cheese.







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