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Sauces, Chutneys, & Condiments

Our sauces and Chutneys lend themselves beautifully to enhancing the natural flavor of roasted meats. The delicate base of flavored vinegars combined with various fruits, nuts and spices help to bring out the natural sweetness of Pork and Turkey. These artisan made products by Lu Austin are sure to impress your dinner guests. Don’t forget the Fudge topping also located in this section. So rich and luscious when warmed up and spooned over ice cream. Chocolate lovers will find great joy and craving satisfaction in this topping.


Sweet Vinegar Barbeque Sauce

This is not your typical tomato base Barbecue sauce. Instead we choose to honor the sauce from the East Coast. Our sweet tart vinegary sauce pays homage to the barbecue culture of the Carolinas. In particular, the Western part of North Carolina where vinegar meets molasses sugar, and is kissed ever so slightly with a touch of tomato. The flavors are in perfect balance with any meat you choose. For an unbelievable sandwich try making the traditional pulled pork with our sauce. Slow cooking over low heat and hickory is the way to go. If you are not a fan of pork try chicken on the grill. Baste the last twenty minutes with this light barbecue sauce. It truly is a food adventure you want to experience firsthand to understand why people are so passionate about this lighter sweet tart type of sauce.



Double Fudge Topping

So thick and rich it's almost sinful. This is the type of sauce chocolate lovers dream about when they're having a chocolate craving. Use on ice cream, brownies, strawberries, cheesecake, or anything that may strike your fancy.








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